Product Composition

Glukosa is a combination of gluconeogenic precursors that, helped by the inclusion of vitamins and minerals, improves the metabolic regulation of propionate, increasing the blood glucose level and reducing the levels of BHB (β-hydroxybutyrate) and NEFA (Non-esterified Fatty Acids).



"It helps in recovery of reproductive activity after birth and avoids metabolic disorders"

"Improves milk production by more than 200 liters in the first 60 lactation days"


Heat stress and key points

Blood glucose level

It contributes to daily maintenance of cow, also in the growth of breeding and only after in milk production.

The importance of a supplement

Good nutrition in cows only provides a 60-70% of its glucose needs. A supplement is necessary.

A higher level of glucose

It means more follicles and, at the same time, an increase in fertility and in fertilization success.

With high temperatures

animals consume a lower amount of food, but their needs are the same. Milk production is reduced in 0.5 Kg, when there is an increase of ¼ degrees Celsius in rectum.

Transition period

The cows, before and after the birth, decreases appetite and increases glucose needs. Without an extra glucose intake, the animal tends to mobilize its fat reserves, resulting in problems.

“Novation helps to cows’s healthy and

improve the profitability of farms”

Glukosa across the world

Novation has achieved to transfer the advantages the use of GluKosa to the market

Novation News

October 2011

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Novation 2002

From the beginning, our priority has been the manufacture of additives doomed to increasing the food safety of our food.


We started manufacturing mixtures of acidifiers to improve the food consumed by animals. At first, we achieved this improvement through the optimization of microbiological quality. But, later, we learned that with our products we could also improve the digestive processes of animals. In such a way that we made a better use of the raw materials used.


At the same time, we launched a production line of antioxidants that avoided the oxidation processes of food. Nowadays, we continue our R & D process to extend the benefits of the product to the animal metabolism. As soon as we finish the laboratory and field tests, we will expand this production line of our factory.


Two years after our beginnings and as a result of our experience, our productive achievements and our work network with our collaborators / researchers, we launched Glukosa, our predecessor of Glukosa for ruminants, into the market. This meant expanding the product portfolio and also, our productive capacity.


Years later, and after a challenging research process, we started to manufacture Butirex C4, protected sodium butyrate. It realizes a new extension, since its manufacture is elaborated in a completely separate production line.


At present, our productive capacity is 7,000,000 kgs per year, and our projects / expansion plans are on the table …


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